Small businesses (still) need to register domain names

You want to know how to register a domain name? In a world full of social media gurus and brands purely existing on Instagram or Facebook, you might think owning a domain name is no longer required for your business. Owning your brand name, however, is crucial for many reasons because it shows legitimacy of your business and allows for customizations. With your domain registered, you can create a website on a memorable piece of internet real estate and really show off your brand.

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Why register a domain name?

“So why should I register a domain name?” you might ask. While there are many reasons why you should register a domain name, this article is meant to give an overview on how to actually do it. The key reasons to register a domain name are:

  • Own your brand, protect your trademark
  • Get a professional email address like
  • Create a website that matches your brand
  • Own your customer relationship and billing
  • Create trust and credibility with new customers
  • Get analytics and analyze customer journeys


How do I register a domain name?

The SafetyNames team put together a short video on how to register a domain name with SafetyNames. The text under the video is just a transcript of the audio.

Video – How do I register a domain name?

Source Youtube video

How to find a good domain name

Today I’m going to show you how to very easily register a domain name with SafetyNames.

First of all open your browser window and go to Type the domain name that you’re after and hit enter on your keyboard.

In this example I’m going to pretend to be a surfer that also loves coffee and wants to open a coffee shop. I type in caffeineandwaves and hit enter. SafetyNames will automatically search for available domain names, which match my search query. I like the .com ending so I go ahead and add to my cart. Next I click the checkout button.

Recommended add-ons

In the configuration panel I choose free DNS management as well as ID protection to make sure nobody can see my personal details. Next, I hit continue to get to the cart overview and then click on checkout to finalize everything.

Auto login feature

One of my favorite SafetyNames features is the convenient option to sign up with your Google, your Facebook, or twitter account. If you already have an account with us and are logged in you can skip this step. Either fill out your details here or hit the “already registered” button in the top right corner. I already created my account with Google so I’m just going to hit the sign in with Google button. Once logged in, you see all your personal details one more time and you can choose a payment method or if you’d like to use available credit in your SafetyNames account. I’m choosing my available account balance to place the order.

Hit complete order, to complete the purchase. It only takes a few seconds for the order to be completed and activated within SafetyNames. You can see the overview of all the products that you own with SafetyNames and you can you can click on “domains” to see the domain you just registered.


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